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► Do you have an agent?
Not yet!

► Are you published?
Traditionally published? Nope. Self-published? Yes! I self-published Darkness Surrounding in July of 2011. Although Darkness Surrounding is no longer available, my literary fiction novella Creation is available on Amazon and other online retailers.

► How many books have you written?
I've penned six manuscripts of varied completed-ness.

► What inspired you to write The Atavists Trilogy?
A bunch of things! You can read about my inspirations over on the Inspiration page.

► Who is your favorite character?
This may surprise you, but my favorite character is DeathX. He's one complicated dude.

► To which character are you most similar?
Garr. We're both awkward and love double cheeseburgers.

► Did you base your characters off of anyone you know in real life?
Two guys from Streets are loosely based off of guys from a college French class. Other than that, nope!

► What initially got you started in writing your book?  Also, how much time do you put forth to writing each day?
Darkness Surrounding actually started off as a manga. After realizing that I REALLY REALLY suck at drawing, I sat down and started writing instead. As far as time goes: I write for as long as it takes to hit my daily word count goal. (That, of course, assumes that I have my act together enough to write anything!)

► Do you want your novels to become movies or do you feel like if they did, they wouldn't be captured how you would want them to be?
If someone were to make a movie, I would be STOKED BEYOND BELIEF. And, um, scared. I would definitely be on edge about the casting as well as the integrity of the screenplay.

► How on earth did you manage to finish off a novel?
The key is to love your story and characters. (That way, it'll feel like a crime to withhold their story!) 

► With The Atavists: Did you plan out your story on paper, or did you have a vague idea and let it take you onward?
The outlines for all three books are safely stored in my head. I do have to write down the details of how things work (backstories, how atavisms work, function of the wings and the Divine Dimension, etc) because it's damn near impossible to keep everything consistent/logical!

► If Zanni is an Atavist, wouldn't that mean that her mother would have been too? Or is it not related to bloodline like that?
Good question! The answer is no. An atavism is a trait that pops up after a long period of absence. In the case of my trilogy, the traits of Daniel, Helena & Co. essentially remained dormant for 500 years until they re-emerged in Zanni and the gang. Therefore, her mother is not an atavist, nor was her mother or her mother (etc).

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