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Posted by Kat on October 8th, 2013

New cover! I dig it.

Writing hasn't been easy for me lately. I'm a third of the way through drafting the new Darkness Surrounding (or Darkness Surrounding 3.0, if you want to get technical). It's certainly an improvement over what I had in terms of Zanni being a confident, cocky character, but what it's lacking is urgency. Literary Fiction is my genre of choice, and that shit takes its time. There's no BOOM BOOM BOOM from one scene to another; instead, there's a sloooow meandering through the valleys of character development. That's not the case with YA, especially not in the paranormal/sci-fi genre. Readers, from what I understand, expect ALL the things to happen very quickly and with spicy cliffhangers to boot. I'm having a hard time finding a balance between my typical "let's write a whole book about introspective commentary" and "let's make shit happen."

But I'm getting there. Slowly but surely, I'm getting there.

From Zanni's vision (experienced as Helena):

“Take me with you!” I scream. The others wait patiently on the ship, thinking nothing of the disturbance. They are quite accustomed to our passionate and oftentimes tumultuous relationship. “I too have seen! We were chosen! If you choose to leave me behind, Daniel, I will die. I will destroy myself and leave our children without a mother. Don’t you dare leave me behind!


“Damn you,” he whispers for only me to hear. “Damn you for forcing so grave a decision upon me at such a critical moment. This is a man’s journey, too treacherous for even a woman as strong-willed as yourself.  You were not meant to come.”

“I desire it greatly,” I whisper in return, gazing at the wide open sea beyond his shoulder. “There is nothing I would love more than the gift, the blessed honor, of eternal life. It is surely God’s way. Why else would I see as you have seen? Surely you would not question God’s plan?”

“Then come,” he says bitterly. “But do so with the understanding that there is no turning back. This moment—this very moment, Helena, containing the decision you are about to make—is irrevocable.”

“I understand,” I say, tears suddenly flowing from my cheeks. “And it is what I truly desire.”

No, it is not immortality that I truly desire—it is him!

I wish to possess him!

Not gonna lie—I'm totally channeling Cathy from Flowers in the Attic in this passage.

Take care!


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