The Stranger

Posted by Kat on August 20th, 2013

He draws closer, giving me a better look at what I’m up against. My first thought is that the guy would be attractive if he weren’t so gaunt. His hair is dark, chin-length and untamed; his clothing, consisting of a long-sleeved black sleep shirt and a pair of dark jeans, is clearly threadbare and lived-in. Oddly enough, what unnerves me most about the whole thing has nothing to do with his homeless-chic vibe—it’s the intense coloration of his eyes, assuming they’re even a color at all. They’re the softest of blue and seem to glow like orbs ever so slightly in the fading light. [Contradiction, I know. I'm working on it!] The guy looks like something out a zombie flick, but his eyes scream something else. Something hopeful. Something unwittingly beautiful.

He stares up at me silently. Seconds go by. His expression remains unchanged,  until finally—

“It’s a bit cold to be sitting up there on a night like this, don’t you think?”

His words come out nervous and broken, which leads me to believe he hasn’t spoken recently. He clears his throat. His expression, or lack thereof, stays constant.

“I saw what those guys did to you. Your ‘friends’ aren’t very considerate,” he adds slowly. 

“I guess not,” I say. Something about my voice seems to intrigue him because the corner of his mouth turns up into a semblance of a smile. “But hey. It could be worse, right?”

His facade breaks as he smiles creepily, teeth and all. “Yes. I suppose it could.”

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