One of the Guys

Posted by Kat on August 6th, 2013
From top left to bottom right: Sandia Mountains by HM Vanderbeck, Lyric Video art by Wintersun, Blonde wig mannequin by PlayWithHair, Pizza Backpack by NastyGal.
So far so good!

One of the first decisions I made was to re-write Darkness Surrounding in the present tense. I'm greatly enjoying the transition!

Side note: Zanni will totally sport that cheesy beauty. (Is that or is that not the coolest backpack ever?!)

Un-witty moment:

"He draws closer, giving me a better look at what I’m up against. My first thought is that the guy would be attractive if he weren’t so gaunt. His hair is dark, chin-length and untamed; his clothing, consisting of a long-sleeved black sleep shirt and a pair of dark jeans, are clearly threadbare and lived-in. Oddly enough, what unnerves me most about the whole thing has nothing to do with his homeless-chic vibe—it’s the intense coloration of his eyes, assuming they’re even a color at all. They’re the softest of blue and seem to glow like orbs ever so slightly in the fading light. The guy looks like something out a zombie flick, but his eyes scream something else. Something hopeful. Something unwittingly beautiful."

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