Back In Action

Posted by Kat on August 3rd, 2013

Darkness Surrounding 3.0 is in progress. Woo!
[I'll add quotes to this post as I go.]

“Yeah, yeah,” Sean says, the sweet sound of defeat dripping diligently over every word. “Go ahead. Gloat. Enjoy your victory.”
Toby comes over and gives me a big, sweaty hug.
“Oh, I am,” he says. “I’m relishing our victory. In fact, I think I’ll keep reminding you about it to make sure that you appreciate it as much as we do.”

"We’ve been coming here since we were kids, too stupid to work the internet and too full of energy to hang out with Spongebob and The Fairly Oddparents. It’s been ours ever since."

"The angel’s arm extends toward the sky, her hand rounded in a way that makes me think the big man upstairs is pouring holiness out of a pitcher and she’s trying to make do without a cup." 

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