Day #4: The Vision

Posted by Kat on October 3rd, 2012 at 1:30 PM

Hi, folks! Today, I'm going to talk about the inspiration behind Helena and Daniel and the quest of the Atavists. It all started with a symphonic metal album by Kamelot called "Epica."

Lost and Damned

At the time, I had no idea that the album was a tribute to the story of Faust, so I ended up reading into the songs a little differently than was intended. First, I loved the cover, particularly the wings. That cover is why the Atavists come to have wing-like apparitions. (It's important to note that I'm not going for angels here - I'm actually going for a whole new "creature" that's (hopefully) never been dealt with in YA fiction.)

The idea of being lost and damned inspired the travesty of Helena and Daniel and the rest of the Immortals, and later impacted the Atavists themselves. What could be better than to incorporate mysterious damnation into some young teen's lives and watch the chaos and terror unfold?

Helena don't you cry
Believe me, I do this for you
Heed my decision now
I will be gone tomorrow noon
My tale has just begun
Nothing can take my faith away
In my quest for the sun

Lyrics aren't usually what I listen for, but I was totally inspired by this particular verse. I think this really epitomizes Daniel as the prideful and haunted character he is. (None of you know quite how haunted we're talking here, but rest assured he's got some figurative demons to contend with!)

Helena's Theme

Such a chilling song. I won't say any more. Just know that the 'vibe' of this song makes its way into the later books.
And finally, we've come to the very first Kamelot song I ever downloaded/listened to. Thank you, browse feature of iTunes. Thank you.

The idea of bidding loved ones farewell and living out one's destiny obviously figured very heavily into The Atavists Trilogy.
I must take your farewell
Carried by destiny
Bound to obey

I must take your farewell
Trails of discovery
Lead me an ocean away

No one holds the only truth in his hand
So who am I
To defy even God
In quest for a reason
There's no time to waste I'm afraid

I must take your farewell
Carried by destiny
Bound to obey

I must take your farewell
Trails of discovery
Lead me an ocean away
Winter's close...and the mountain high
I'll start my journey now
On this planet we call Earth we belong
I want to know
Why did God make me feel
There is more to be answered
Maybe God cannot remedy
Our souls if he tried
I seek peace of mind at least
And to know I did my best
I will pray for those I have loved
Aside from the bit about "winter's close," I think this song just about sums up what happens in DS. You know, religious aspects aside.
P.S. Songs that I play to get in Garr's mind (the first one in particular):

Where's your trust, where's your heart, where's your soul?
Who's your friend? Who'll be there in the end?

What songs/artists inspire your writing?

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