Day #3: Good Ol' Complications (That's High School for Ya'!)

Posted by Kat on October 2nd, 2012 at 11:30 AM

The high school featured in Darkness Surrounding is modeled after Rio Rancho High School, which I graduated from in 2009 (officially in 2010). At the time, writing DS helped me cope with my own insecurities as a basketball player. Zanni was, to me, someone I aspired to be; someone more cool-headed and confident who wouldn't take crap from anyone.

Parking Lot
There are no pictures available of my high school's parking lot on the internet. (Imagine that!)

The only picture I could find of the cafeteria is one with my ex in it, so the internets have let me down AGAIN. Maybe a visit is in order...

Basketball Gym
This is the gym at my old high school. I envisioned everyone to be gathered over in the top left corner like when I used to plat. Also: see that upper floor? We used to run laps up there. Sucked big-time. This is also the gym where shiz goes down later on. (Yes, I'm most definitely keeping that scene!)

Fun fact: I used to work on editing Darkness Surrounding in the locker room during basketball fitness. I also used to edit it on the treadmill at the gym, but that's for a later post!

The Courtyard
The trees look utterly gross and weird in this picture (they're usually green!), but here is the exact tree that Zanni and Toby sit under in Chapter Three. (It's the one closest to you in the grass!)

I sat there a lot as well with my friends back in the day.

The Car
I saw this car driving down the highway a few years ago and just knew that it was Zanni's type. I was lucky enough to spot (and remember!) the make. Huzzah for the 1990 Legacy Subaru!

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