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Posted by Kat on September 29th, 2012 at 4:00 PM

As you all know, I took a break from The Atavists Trilogy for a while. I've been working on re-publishing Creation (read the preview here) and finishing up a larger literary fiction work titled Flowers When You're Dead. Both are very different from TAT and therefore keep me sane. (Authors who write in the same style novel after novel: HOW CAN YOUR STAND IT?!) I needed the break, but now I'm back and ready to re-write. So long, self-publishing! (Or so I hope.)

Not much is going to change plot-wise. What will change is Zanni as a character and the overall word count. I'm dead set on getting TAT published traditionally, meaning I'll have to convince an agent that my work is mind-blowing enough to warrant their time and effort. Your support will help demonstrate TAT's selling potential, so do me a solid and stick around!

(I may or may not film myself dancing to Avenged Sevenfold songs. Anything but writing, right?)

Anyway, today's that scary day I get tingly over every year. It's the day before Darkness Surrounding begins. From September 30th to November 1st, I'll be living the books and flipping my shit over every little detail, particularly points about the weather.

My past thoughts fro this timeframe have gone something like this.

Damn, I wrote that the weather was chilly, but it's actually hot outside today. WTF.

Zanni's meeting the stranger right now and the sky doesn't look creepy AT ALL. WTF.

I wonder if I can go to Old Town on Saturday to take pictures for Twitter.

I should be writing.

I can't remember what I had them doing today. What kind of an author am I?

The drafts of Streets and Warmness on the Soul are droll. I should get on that, like, now.

I should be writing.


When I look at the Darkness Surrounding I self-published, I want to stab it. STAB IT, I TELL YOU. I was in such a rush to publish young that I totally forgot to do justice to my characters. I'm really looking forward to making Zanni 2.0 the witty and hilarious character I always meant for her to be.

ADVICE: Don't rush into self-publishing when you're young. It's novel for a while, but then you get older and realize you should have taken the time to craft your story and to get more writing experience in general. Also, self-publishing is incredibly tough, but that's a different story for a different day!


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