Posted by Kat on October 20th, 2011 at 11:30 PM

Hello! Long time no see. In my absence, I have been plotting (both within the context of a novel and otherwise) new projects for the upcoming year and beyond. After some serious brainstorming and a few giggles at the idea of doing such a thing, I have decided that I will create the first of (hopefully!) many

Writing E-Courses.

The first will start off simple. I'll be reviewing the basics of grammar and punctuation. This e-course will be extremely beneficial to those of you who are still unsure of when to use "they're/their/there," "your/you're," "it's/its (this one is my achilles heel because it's so easy to mess up!), and similar grammatical grievances. I will also cover how to best utilize punctuation, especially within the context of dialogue.

If your manuscript is looking something like this, you might want to consider enlisting my help and humor to make the situation better:

"Oh Joe i love u" she said She walked up too him and they're hearts beat fast because they were so, totally in love.

(Just FYI, the passage above should look something like this:)

"Oh, Joe, I love you," she said. She stepped toward him as he reached out and grasped her hand in his. Their hearts beat quickly as their passion for one another rose to the surface, staining their cheeks red with both embarrassment and delight.

(Because that was SO not cheesy/awkward. I despise writing romance.)

Back to the topic at hand!

I'm still debating whether to offer my lessons in a paperback book form or as an e-course. If the lessons were in an e-course format, you would purchase the course, receive login credentials, and be access my entire e-course from your computer whenever the heck you wanted. You could even print it out and throw darts at it. All of my e-courses will be "work-at-your-own-pace," and will probably not have any "assignments" that must be submitted to me. Rather, I will provide you with techniques and approaches to develop in your writing, and it is your sole responsibility to implement and test any suggestions made in the e-course. This is your time to explore, sans teachers and red pens that make giant, ugly "x's." Additionally, my courses will be fun. (Maybe not as fun as watching cute kittens on Youtube, but that's in a league of its own!)

In short: an e-course and/or printed non-fiction guide is coming your way sometime before the end of the year! (Or a little later. Getting several additional hours of sleep in lieu of an early release date might prove more beneficial for my productivity levels.)


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  1. Comment by FreeFallen on October 21, 2011 at 11:31am

    E-course. It will sell better, have more appeal, and for those who don't have a Kindle - you can download Kindle to your computer for FREE.
    I'd be interested in your expertise...