Good News! [For You]

Posted by Kat on May 6th, 2011 at 10:30 PM

I had a long chat with my dad last night about self publishing and his past experiences with it (he's self-published quite a few books). Based on some of the things we discussed, I've decided the following.

1. I won't be hiring people to pose for the cover. While it is extremely important to me that the characters look a certain way on all promotional material, covers, and the like, I realized that it would be too much money upfront and risky if one of the models decided that they wanted more money and decided to sue me. Instead, I'll either work some super photoshop magic on pictures of myself and Mike or I'll stick to non-people shots. I'll be doing photo shoots for both this weekend to see which will work best.

2. I'm moving up the release date.

I wanted the October release date because the book would come out after the last day in Darkness Surrounding (October 6th), but releasing it just before summer school would be smarter. Since my course load is lighter, I will have more time to do initial promotions and book signings.

Starting at 2:30 on Tuesday, I will have a solid month off from school. If everything goes to plan, Darkness Surrounding will be available before June 7th. 

Expect to find me in Starbucks quite regularly. ;]

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